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Writing Conference Abstracts and Posters


Conference Abstracts and Posters

A key purpose of attending a conference is to build strong links in your professional network with intellectual leaders in your field. As such it presents an opportunity for you to begin to establish yourself as one of the intellectual leaders.

The combination of creating an abstract that encourages organisers to give you a high-profile slot, and then building a poster that attracts views and delivers content are important skills to develop.


Attending a conference is a great place to get to know key people and get them to know you and your work. The poster hall presents a brilliant opportunity for this essential networking. Your challenge is to write an abstract that gets you invited, and create a poster that gets you noticed and remembered…. for the right reasons.

Who should attend

You should come on the workshop if you are:

  • in the middle of some good research and want to tell colleagues,
  • aware that the submission date for a key conference is approaching,
  • keen to reduce the time spent writing an attractive abstract, and
  • interested in examining layout and style issues that can create a effective poster.

Outline of Content

In the first part of the workshop participants will analyse information about their target conference and use the data they collect to inform the way they draft a conference abstract. The aim is to encourage the organiser to invite you not only to attend the conference, but also place you in a highly visible slot in the program – be it a poster or a talk?  You will also consider aspects of design, printing, transport and display, as well as think through how to use your poster as a tool that builds your networking and enhances your reputation. The workshop then looks at the challenges and opportunities that occur when creating and presenting an academic poster.

Learning Objectives

During the workshop, participants will:

  • identify the different readers and decision-makers that need to be considered when planning the abstract and poster,
  • determine the key messages of the abstract and poster,
  • write an abstract quickly, but also concisely,
  • recognise the elements of design that can grab attention without causing offence,
  • create imaginative posters that communicate without being boring, and
  • be prepared to present work professionally at a conference.

Excellent presenter and very useful tips. Enjoyed the interactive nature and chance to reflect on my poster design
— participant feedback