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Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with Confidence


Do you wish you could perform better when you stand and speak in front of colleagues and competitors? In short courses, or through long-term coaching, we can help boost your confidence. We can help you prepare, plan and practice so that when you are on the 'stage' you can concentrate more on the content than on the performance.

who should attend

You should come on the workshop if you are a:

  • post-graduate students who have never given a talk before,
  • post-doctoral researchers who have given the occasional talk, but don’t feel confident about their performance,
  • lecturers who still feel uncomfortable standing up in front of people and giving a talk, and
  • managers and facilitators who have to present ideas at large meetings.

outline of content

This course includes multiple opportunities to stand up and speak while being videoed. Repaying the videos is a key tool for recognising strengths and behaviours that could be worked on. There are taught elements, group discussion and personal work.

Learning Objectives

Through the workshop participants will incrementally build skills and develop a genuinely grounded sense of confidence. Depending on the needs of participants, the sessions will draw from a set of elements that include:

  • practicing making a commanding start to a talk,
  • presenting pre-prepared 2-3 minute talks about the participant's work,
  • considering the strengths and weaknesses of using different aspects of ‘PowerPoint’ presentations,
  • speaking about a subject for 1-2 mins having been given no prior notice,
  • building vocal skills into your presentation,
  • ensuring that body language is strong and under control, and
  • evaluating other participants’ performances as a way of learning from others.